Selling Your Home Just Got Easier in the Roscoe, Liberty, Middletown & Oneonta, NY Areas

Selling Your Home Just Got Easier in the Roscoe, Liberty, Middletown & Oneonta, NY Areas

Pre and Post-Listing inspections help your home look better on the market

Thinking about selling your house? Make sure you reach out to Admirable Home Inspections, LLC to organize one of our real estate inspections. We'll go through your whole house to check for any red flags.

A pre-selling inspection allows you to:

  • See your home through the eyes of a neutral third party
  • Make repairs ahead of time without being rushed
  • Price your home realistically

Call 845-707-2386 today to find out more about pre-listing and post-listing inspection in in Roscoe, Oneonta, Middletown, Liberty, & surrounding NY areas.

Potential buyers are going to ask about a home inspection

You can have all the answers they want ready to go. We'll fill out a complete report, so you can ease any worries that visitors have about the condition of your house.

If you get an inspection ahead of time, defects with your home won't become roadblocks to negotiations later. You'll also be able to reduce your liability by providing professional documentation with your disclosure statement.

Contact us now to schedule a real estate inspection in your area.


We deal with homeowners and real estate agents who are looking to add value to their listings. You’ll want to schedule an inspection before you list your home so you can:

  1. Make necessary repairs before you show your home
  2. Find out about any red flags related to the home you’re selling
  3. Give potential buyers confidence in the property they’re purchasing
  4. Back up your asking price with proven value
  5. Take away negotiating leverage

Having a contractor take care of any repairs beforehand can also save you money, as opposed to allowing the buyer to choose a contractor. Contact Admirable Home Inspections, LLC today to schedule a seller inspection in Roscoe, Liberty, Middletown & Oneonta, NY Areas.